Becky and Nakai in Bahia San Nicolas, Baja.

"Just finished listening to 'Inside The Outside.'  As you well know, I don't have a religious bone in my body....But if I did, you would be my religion. You would be my priest, my Imam, my Lama, my guru...your beautiful, angelic voice would be the voice I would follow, into whatever strange and exotic worlds you wanted to explore…"

                         Richard Kimball, Sr. VP/Producer, "The Road" radio show. 

"I HEARD THE SONG! ‘Famous' is more famous in my heart now than it has ever been before. You are a wizard and I salute, cheer, dance for your magic! thank you. My words are most honored."

                         Naomi Shihab Nye, poet

“Becky is a beautifully jazz-infused singer/guitarist with a poetic compassion for nature, an irresistible sense of musical play and intricate harmony, and a serious grasp of sound."

                         Terry Garthwaite, co-founder of Joy of Cooking, composer and singer, from her new musical memoir

“Becky, my favorite singer.”  

                         Charles Schultz, creator of Peanuts: 

”Soulful, jazzy rounds about the cycles of nature. Very different from "standard Pagan chant" style... and I mean that in the best way. This CD is gorgeous for listening (beautiful performance and excellent production), although these original tunes are trickier to sing than they sound! My personal favorite tracks: "The Dark of the Moon," "Follow the Motion," and the incredibly catchy "Where Is The Moon?"  

                         Pagan Music Reviews writes about Becky’s first CD,  Follow the Motion 


“Becky Reardon's songs and rounds are unique to my ears in their charm and ease of flow. Her vocal appeal is enhanced by exquisitely apt and refreshing instrumental colors. The playful offering of deep, grounding truths through the beautiful imagery of canyon country makes my heart happy."

                         Sue Coffee, Artistic Director of Sound Circle and Resonance Women’s Chorus



“Reardon’s vocal style is both jazzy and folky like a meeting between Kate Wolf and Sweet Honey in the Rock.”

                         Rima Ralff, Tempo Magazine

“Speaking of simple beauty, I commend to you Becky Reardon’s rounds and more on her highly original new CD, 'Follow the Motion.'”

                         Richard Leiter, Keyboard Magazine

“Becky’s songs are favorites of the inmates in the jail choir I lead, and beloved by the Threshold Choir singers. Her songs elevate us spiritually and musically, and are as beautiful to listen to as they are to sing.”

                         Kate Munger, Founder, Threshold Choirs

“The true musician is to bring light into people's hearts,"said Bobby McFerrin, and that's exactly what Becky Reardon does. Her new CD, 'Songs for a Walk,' takes you out among the waterfalls and rainbows on those hidden mountain trails. Reardon sings all the parts on the album a cappella, including the backing rhythms - there are no instruments, but nothing is missing. The songs resonate a collective heartbeat, ancient chants, whispers from blowing leaves and glint with the sun reflecting off a mountain stream.  This album is something different, something we’ve never heard before but always knew was there waiting to surface.

                         Brandt Legg, the Taos News